Yard Wand-

So you like to decorate in your house after you build it, eh? Well, what about decorating outside it!? Even up to 5 tiles away from your house!? You can do just that with the Yard Wand. This handy little tool lets you purchase items to decorate with and then helps you place them.

Select from tons of different decorating items from 3 main categories; Plants/Flowers, Trees/Bushes/ and lastly, ground tiles. Each item will have a price and once purchased you will own the item. After you place it with the Yard Wand, if you should ever decide to remove it, just click on the item and you will get a refund.

Yard Wand

(Thumbnail caption: The Yard Wand menu, the categories are the Green, Blue, and Red buttons on the left..)

Yard Wand Benefits
(Thumbnail caption: The results of using the Yard Wand out in the world from your house.)