Aquarium Crafting-

You spent many hours getting your fishing skill to 100 so you could farm MiBs, but that's not all you get once you reach 100 fishing. Aquarium crafting is a great way to make some money by crafting lovely animated fishtanks for people. There are 40 different tanks and styles to craft, some with decorations, some with fish and some empty that can be used to create a larger tank effect. It used to be that in order to make a fishtank, players could spend several hours stacking cut cloth and various deco items to create a decent looking tank. Now, it's just as easy as gathering materials and crafting whatever you want.

Aquarium Crafting menu
(Thumbnail caption: Aquarium Crafting menu.)

Decorative Tanks
(Thumbnail caption: Decorative tanks.)

Decorative Specialty Tanks
(Thumbnail caption: Decorative specialty tanks.)