Custom Content-

We have over 200 separate custom addons systems running for additional content on top of the base OSI content. Hundreds of custom monsters, dungeons, quests, house deco items, custom currency system for purchasing rewards, quest points reward system, Concensual PvP system with supporting Point Reward System, and additional expansion content. The Expanse has a very dedicated staff that love to provide things for all player types. We won't settle for being a "canned" OSI-style copy free shard. All this is just the tip of the iceberg! You have to play on The Expanse to truly experience what we have to offer.

Yard Wand

(Thumbnail caption: A player taking advantage of using the New Player Dungeon for training a new character.)

Yard Wand Benefits

(Thumbnail caption: The New Player Dungeon has things like a Training Dragon to help raise combat skills.)

Rainbow Mount Zoo

(Thumbnail caption: The Rainbow Mount Zoo houses simulated Rainbow animals for viewing.)

Vigo Entrance

(Thumbnail caption: The entrance to Wigo's Dungeon for the Halloween Dungeon!)