Firerock Crafting-

Shortly after the mysterious Spell Crafters appeared around the world, a large demon was discovered wandering in the deserted areas outside of Fire Island. Several travelers happened across it during an expedition to discover the entrance to the Abyss. Prepared to fight to the death, the travelers were more than surprised when the demon spoke to them. He asked them for some food and water if they could spare any. The party made camp at the base of the Fire Island Volcano and invited their new friend to come with them on their journey.

The demon explained to the group that he wasn't always a demon, he was transfigured by his former master. He was an apprentice blacksmith to the great Feros Firebrand. Feros was the master outfitter for Royal City, his craftsmanship was known the world over, and as such was highly sought after. Feros disappeared during the night several months ago. When news reached Royal City about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the disappearances of smithys all around the world, Feros closed his doors and refused to do any work for strangers.

The demon told them his name was Burrand Golneir. He had studied under Feros for half his life. The days before his disappearance, Feros became increasingly paranoid and fearful. The night before he disappeared, Feros called Burrand into his workshop and confided in him a long forgotten crafting skill. This crafting skill utilized the powerful lava flows found across the land and the rocks that could be mined from them. Burrand vowed to never let this craft die, but in order to protect it, Feros convinced Burrand to allow him to cast a spell to hide his true form. Feros believed that by casting an Incognito spell upon Burrand, the townsfolk would believe Burrand and Feros both disappeared, allowing Burrand to escape the city, but retain the knowledge he had learned from Feros.

Burrand traveled with the group until they returned to Luna, where Burrand was transformed back into a human and began teaching new apprentices the tradecraft Feros taught him.

The Craft

Fire Rock crafting allows players to use a specialized fire pick to mine lava flows found all across the world. Before you can mine the lava flows, you must purchase the book Firerock Mining and learn how to mine firerock. Mining firerock is the same as regular mining, and there's a chance to mine up Crystalline Fire, as well as small and large pieces of firerock. All three are used in crafting various items, weapons, and armor. Caution should be taken while mining, as you may disturb the long dormant Firerock Elementals. These elementals can carry large pieces of firerock as well as Crystalline Fire, but should not be tossed aside lightly, or ignored.

Some of the items that can be created with Firerock Crafting are:

  • Large BBQ Grills
  • Fire Steed Barding Deeds. (These work the same as Dragon Barding Deeds, only they apply to Fire Steeds.)
  • Various pieces of armor and weapons
  • Special deco items
  • and much more...

Fire Rock Crafting is part of Blacksmithing, but you have to have learned the Fire Rock Crafting book to craft it. Inscriptionists can make the Fire Rock Crafting book. Since Fire Rock Crafting is part of Blacksmithing, it should be no surprise that the skill is based on your blacksmithing skill. Success and failure go hand in hand with your skill.

Fire Rock Crafting Menu
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