New Player Dungeon-

Recent archeological digs around The Expanse have unearthed some rather startling discoveries. Most recently was an entire dungeon buried deep under the mountains just outside of New Haven. The Royal Britannia Order of the Purple Crest was called in to gather more information about the unknown inhabitants of this dungeon. It was determined that this was a training ground for an ancient order of knights. These knights were sent to the dungeon to test their worth. If they succeeded in completing their task, they ascended into the order. Not much else has been discovered about these knights and it is not known if there are any living descendants that can shed more light on the subject at this time. The Luna Historical and Archeological Society has opened the dungeon and deemed it safe to enter, or is it?

In order to give new players the opportunity to flourish on The Expanse, this dungeon was designed with new players in mind. Unique monsters roam the decaying corridors, some even giving new players the chance to get magic items and gear. There is even rumored to be a complete 100% LRC suit that cound be discovered on the decomposing corpse of a recent kill. Goodluck adventurers, and beware...

New Player Dungeon Mini Champ
(Thumbnail caption: A nifty feature of the New Player Dungeon is this the mini champion spawn. The mini-map shows the dungeon is quite large, with plenty to explore too.)