You cannot throw a decent dinner party without a pure, home-grown bottle of the finest vintage. To that end, we give you Winecrafting! Yes, now you can place your very own vineyard in your house and grow your very own wine grapes. Once the grapes have rippened, you can gather them and start creating your very own wine!

In order to dabble in winecrafting, you will need to purchase the following items from the Brewer: A keg to ferment your wine and dispense it, a vineyard ground deed, Winecrafter Tools, a Vineyard Label Maker, Grapevine Placement Tool and empty wine bottles. Once you have purchased these items, use the vineyard ground deed to place your vineyard anywhere in your house (you may select the size and ground style before placing it). Then use the grapevine placement tool to select which kinds of grapes you wish to grow and how you want to lay them out in the vineyard. If you don't like the placement or the size, use an Ax to re-deed the vineyard. There are 11 different grapes that you can grow in your vineyard. You may then use the Vineyard Label Maker to name your vineyard. The name of your vineyard will be added to the bottles of wine you create.

Bottling your wine after harvesting your grapes is very easy. Once you have a stack of grapes, use the Winecrafter Tool and select which grape type you wish to use and create one full keg. The wine must then ferment for 7 server days before it can be dispensed. After 7 days, fill your empty wine bottles and sell them, drink them, or give them away to friends as gifts, or to jut get snokered.

Empty Kegs
Empty Wine Bottles
Vine Placement Tool
Winecrafter's Tools
Vineyard Deed
Vineyard Label Maker (used to label your bottles, kegs and your vineyard itself)
Bottle Rack (used to store your bottles of wine)

Minimum 80 Alchemy Skill

Winecrafting Menu
(Thumbnail caption: A small vineyard and the winecrafting menu.)