Star Wars on The Expanse-

We spent some time with our Fall '13 Patch (v1.8) and built our first custom Peerless for Star Wars! This new dungeon offers a lot of new loot drops, including the more powerful Force Powers that were introduced with that patch. With a similar concept to any other peerless encounter, players must locate several keys that are needed to enter the lair of the final boss, Marka Ragnos. This new peerless also introduces a few new monsters to the Star Wars™ expansion. The entrance is located in the snowy mountains of Malas, but more direct ways to get there are provided in the Jedi and Sith Academy buildings. Check out the screenshots below for an overview of the dungeon.

Valley of the Sith entrance
(Thumbnail caption: Valley of the Sith entrance.)

Inside the Valley of the Sith
(Thumbnail caption: Inside the Valley of the Sith.)

Lair of Marka Ragnos
(Thumbnail caption: Inside the lair of Marka Ragnos.)