Jonesy Ford and the Final Journey-

Trouble seems to follow poor Jonesy wherever he goes. It's the end of the line for Jonesy. This time he's gotten his father involved as well. They embark on theirFinal Journey. This time Jonesy has to recover the Holy Grail.

This quest begins in Jonesy's office in the Northwest corner of Luna. Jonesy explains that his father has been kidnapped and the kidnappers trashed his office looking for his father's Grail Diary. He then sends you to Jhelom to find Melsa Schacter who was working with Jonesy's father in finding the Grail.

Follow the clues to track down the location of Jonesy's missing father, Hank, rescue him, then set off to recover the Grail. Be warned, the quest for the Grail has taken many lives before and shall take more...

Jonesy's Office
(Thumbnail caption: Jonesy's trashed office in Luna.)

Library Catacombs
(Thumbnail caption: You wouldn't have liked it, there were rats!)

Grail Temple Entrance
(Thumbnail caption: The entrance to the Grail Temple.)

the Grail Temple
(Thumbnail caption: Choose wisely...)

the Grail Room
(Thumbnail caption: Choose wisely...)