Stargate System-

The Royal Mining Guild of Britain unearthed some very mysterious monuments last year. Large portals of varying shapes and sizes are being discovered all over the world. The Order of Mages has determined that this was an ancient transportation system. It allowed someone to travel instantly from one place to the next. The mages, being a bit stuck up and snooty, tend to look down on the Stargates, since Moongates have been around for many hundreds of years. While the moongate system allows people to travel to relatively safe places, the stargates have been known to drop people at the doorstep of some rather deadly places.

Using the Stargate System requires a player to activate the large, green crystall on the base of the stargate. Once activated, it must be accessed again to operate the stargate. The interface allows a player to enter a code for their destination. Refer to the image as the various parts are explained.

The green figures at the top are the address of your current location. To the right of that is the facet map to select from different map areas. Underneath the current location is where the destination address is entered in. To the right of that are the figures used for entering the destination address. Each figure, from top to bottom, is equal to the numbers 1 through 5. A single click will enter that number and move you to the next entry. Underneath the destination address you will find a scrollable list of the current destinations for the map you have selected. Simply enter that destination address into the stargate, click activate and away you go.