Universal Storage Keys-

In an effort to make adventuring a tad easier. We've added various universal storage keys. The various keys allow adventurers to carry extremely heavy loads they would not normally be able to carry. The keys operate like a container, but reduce all weight added to the key to 1 stone. Tired of carrying around 100 of each reg just to be able to cast spells and not worry about running out? Use the reagent key. It can hold 1,000 of each reg and its total weight wouldn't be more than 1 stone. All the keys work in very much the same way, but getting the keys is not an easy task.

Here is a list of the Universal Storage Keys that are available:

  1. Adventurer's Boots: Holds things like Zoogi Fungi, Bandages, Lockpicks, and more.
  2. Bulk Order Deed Filing System: Holds Large and Small BODs and has columns for sorting.
  3. Powerscroll Filing System: Holds powerscrolls and Stat scrolls.
  4. Pocket Lumberyard: Holds all types of boards, as well as arrows, bolts, and kindling
  5. Apothecary: Holds all types of regs, even custom ones.
  6. Champion Skull Holder: Holds all the various champ skulls.
  7. Jeweler's Vault: Holds all the various gems.
  8. Tailor Supplies: Holds Leather, Scales, cloth, wool, etc.
  9. Gardener's Trowel: Holds everything you need for tending to your plants.
  10. Ingot Warehouse: Holds all your blacksmithing ingots.
  11. Stone Quarry: Holds all your granite you gathered while mining.
  12. Scribe's Tome: Holds all your scribe materials.
  13. Pocket Mine: Holds all your ore so you can easily carry it back to your forge.
  14. Treasure Hunter's Cache: Holds all your t-maps, lockpicks, shovels, picks, fishing nets, and SOS messages
  15. Personal Bestiary Catalog: Holds all of your shrunken pets, bonded and unbonded, up to 500 with sortable stat columns!

Universal Storage Keys
(Thumbnail caption: All of the Universal Storage keys The Expanse offers.)