Battle Chess-

This isn't your grandparent's chess game! Oh no! This is in your face action and gruesome carnage the likes you've never seen before! Okay, so that might be going a tad too far there, but Battle Chess on The Expanse is way better than it's more boring real world counterpart.

Typical chess rules and piece movements apply, as does castling and the slightly more rare en passant move. When a piece is captured, an energy bolt-like spell goes off "killing" the piece and moving it off the board giving the capturing player points for the piece captured. The game ends when one player's king is checkmated, stalemated, or the game is a draw. In the event of a disconnection during play, the game will allow for a 10 minute reconnect time. There is also a 10 minute afk timer too. The player that wins the match will receive a scroll with some game stats and who their opponent was as well as the total time played. Players can find the Battle Chess board if they follow the road leading from the southern gate of Luna.

Battle Chess board
(Thumbnail caption: An intense Battle Chess game in action!)
Battle Chess Win
(Thumbnail caption: To the winner go the spoils!)