Star Wars Lightsaber Crafting-

What is Star Wars without lightsabers? Even more, what is it without being able to craft your own custom lightsaber? In following whichever path of the Force you wish, players are able to craft their own lightsabers. Inside the Jedi and Sith Academy buildings and at the Exile camp in Umbra there is a lightsaber forge with a lightsaber craftsman nearby. Players may speak with the craftsman and choose from the list which Focusing crystal they would like for their lightsaber. Once you obtain the Crystal Harvester, it's only a matter of locating the Crystal Cave that may have a crystal formation growing in it that matches what you're looking for. There is even a quest given that will help players locate the crystal caves where the crystals randomly spawn.

Sith, Jedi, and Exile Lightsabers with Jedi Focusing crystals.

There are 45 different Focusing crystals, but the custom crafting doesn't stop there. In addition lightsabers can be enhanced with up to two Empowering crystals! Empowering crystals are randomly found on various Star Wars monsters as loot. These crystals will add the property or properties that they display to a lightsaber with a random value. The Focusing crystals are specific to Jedi, Sith or Exile, but the Empowering crystals are not. This allows for a wide range of lightsaber types.

Lightsaber Crafting window and Jedi Focusing crystals.
(Thumbnail caption: Lightsaber Crafting window and Jedi Focusing crystals.)

Newly crafted lightsaber and Empowering crystals.
(Thumbnail caption: Newly crafted lightsaber and Empowering crystals.)

Baas Wisdom Empowering crystal used on newly crafted lightsaber.
(Thumbnail caption: Baas Wisdom Empowering crystal used on newly crafted lightsaber.)

Lightsaber empowered and bound.
(Thumbnail caption: Lightsaber that has been empowered with the Baas Wisdom Empowering crystal and is bound to the owner. It can only be empowered one more time now.)