Soccer has been around for thousands of years. There is much debate about where it started, who started it, and how it got started. We here at The Expanse aren't concerned with any of that. As a matter of fact, we enjoy the story of the Chinese Monks who used to kick a severed head around the ground in a form of keep away! Well in shining tradition with that story, The Expanse brings you Skullball!

The rules are pretty simple, just kick the skull into the goal opposite you. Now, accomplishing that goal is not easy however. Maintaining a straight line with the skull looks simple, but that concept is easily foiled when an opponent steals the skull. Stealing a skull from an opponent can only happen if you kick the skull diagonally from your opponent. Trying to kick it straight on in front of them won't stop them from charging forward still in control of the ball. Mounts are not allowed during typical matches, unless it's specified as a Mount Match. Players are assigned to either the Gold Team, or the Silver Team, depending on which gate they enter. Officials will announce the score after every goal and the skull will be reset in the center of the stadium, in a random location. Also of note, the skullball will change shape and color randomly, making it easier, or harder to control. Speaking of harder to control, it is possible that you, or a teammate can kick the skull into your own goal, scoring for your opponents, so be careful. The match ends when one team reaches 10.

Skullball matches will be announced and players may enter gates from Luna, Brit (Trammel and Felucca), and New Haven.

(Thumbnail caption: The "standard" Skullball playing field, with bleacher seats.)

Skullball on The Expanse
(Thumbnail caption: The Skullball playing field on The Expanse with cheering fans too.)