Mystic Bowcrafting-

Bored with plain old bows? Do you yearn for something more rewarding and exciting? Look no further as Mystic Bowcrafting has arrived!

Mystic Bowcrafting offers 9 different bows and 3 different crossbows all with different properties and different ammo types. Most of the bows/crossbows offere obvious damage types, like the Bow of Blaze does more fire damage than anything else and it uses fire arrows for ammunition.

In order to craft mystic bows, you must locate Jaxpin in the Fletcher's Shop in North Brit in Trammel. He will give you a quest to complete and the reward is the Mystic Fletcher Tools. Once your tool has been used up, you will have to complete the quest again to get another tool.

Boards or Logs
Silk Thread
Yeti Hair
Sasquatch Hair
Dragon Feather
Water Feather
Air Feather
Fire Feather
Poison Feather
Blood Feather

Minimum 65 Fletching Skill

Mystic Bowcrafting Menu
(Thumbnail caption: Mystic Bowcrafting menu.)

Mystical Bows
(Thumbnail caption: Various Mystical Bows.)