Death Maw Dungeon-

Death Maw dungeon has been broken in to seven wings that can be cleared. Beating each wing allows the player(s) to advance to the next wing. Each wing has a quest that will offer great rewards once completed. While the dungeon layouts are almost identical, each wing plays differently. The bosses are different for every wing, as are the monsters that seek to prevent a player's advancement. Along with different bosses in each wing, each quest also has a chance to drop a set piece of armor for that specific wing (Completing the quest to kill Centrilla and Semidar has a chance of receiving the Lineage of Kallibrus, etc). Each armor set contains 5 pieces, which offer various set bonuses when combined.

Death Maw Entrance
(Thumbnail caption: Death Maw entrance.)

Death Maw Entry Wing
(Thumbnail caption: Death Maw Entry Wing.)

Death Maw Spider Wing
(Thumbnail caption: Death Maw Spider Wing.)

Death Maw Unholy Wing
(Thumbnail caption: Death Maw Unholy Wing.)

Death Maw Dragon Wing
(Thumbnail caption: Death Maw Dragon Wing.)

Death Maw Fey Wing
(Thumbnail caption: Death Maw Fey Wing.)

Death Maw Elemental Wing
(Thumbnail caption: Death Maw Elemental Wing.)

Death Maw Demon Wing
(Thumbnail caption: Death Maw Demon Wing.)