Necromancy Crafting-

Being a Necro/Tamer can be a pain, but what if there were a way to have "pets" that didn't require taming? Now there is! Visit a Necro Reg Vendor to purchase the Mortician's Scalpel, which is used to craft various Necromancy-related items, including controllable pets!! The Halloween Horror dungeon in the Brit sewers contains monsters that drop items for Necromancy Crafting. The more powerful creations require higher Necromancy skill, but at the lower levels you can still create good pets.

Various Body Parts
Various Scrolls
Various Crystals (Created with Necromancy Crafting)
Various Powders (Created with Necromancy Crafting)

Minimum 20 Necromancy Skill

NOTE: In order to craft a Phylacery, you will also need: 100 Inscription, 100 Alchemy and 100 Anatomy.

Necromancy Crafting menu
(Thumbnail caption: Necromancy crafting menu.)