All adventurers should have a chance to enjoy themselves. However, unlike most shards, both live and free, we don't cater to PKers here. This is primarily a PvM shard, we frown on Pkers that do not follow the rules of honorable combat. Incidents of dishonorable combat can result in having a character banned. If such behavior continues, it can result in the entire account being banned. Please remember it is a game and everyone wants to have a good time.

There are automated staff members on hand 24/7 to handle most any issue that may come up, just click the Help button on the game menu. If you require further assistance, you may contact the admin directly, but only after having gone through a GM first. Remember, screenshots can make a world of difference in pleading your case.

Shard Rules:

There are some things that will just not be tolerated on The Expanse. All of our staff will be fair when called upon to mediate an issue between players. That being said, if you find yourself feeling like you're on the short end of the stick, do not take it out on the staff member. If you feel you have been treated unfairly you may request a staff member of a higher rank, provided your cause is just and it's not quibbling over who killed who's target, or who is cheating at PvP, or even if someone revealed your secret about the quest you can make millions from in just minutes. We understand that all ages play UO, but we do expect ALL players, even staff, to do their best to act like adults. All that taken into consideration here are some rules that could land you in jail and/or get your account banned for up to 7 days, or a perma-ban put in place.

    1. Foul language is not allowed in public chat. Save it for PMs, Guild chat, or Alliance chat.
    2. Abusive behavior will be dealt with swiftly. This includes abusing staff. We're all here to have fun, so have fun.
    3. Fair market value is important for all players; buyers and sellers. It maintains the economy. Rare items should not be cheap, but outrageous is another issue. 500 million for a rare pet dye would be considered outrageous. A standard swing of 5% higher or lower is acceptable for common market items. Do not sell items purchased from The Expanse Online Store for real money to other players in-game. Bottom line, don't scam your fellow players.
    4. Unattended macroing for profit and/or harvesting resources will not be tolerated, this includes taming. (NOTE: Macroing to gain combat skills, or crafting skills is allowed.)
    5. Charging new players for your "help" is also not tolerated. This does not mean new players can take advantage, nor does it mean they can't offer to repay someone that helps them.
    6. Bug Exploitation is very frowned upon and you will be warned about it. Reporting bugs can land you a nice reward however.
    7. So you made friends with a staff member and you play together on their player account, great! If you are caught revealing a staff member's player account, do not pass go.


Current Shard Limits

    1. Max of TWO IPs per household. (exceptions can be made, but you must speak with a staff member first.)
    2. Max of TWO houses per account, this includes townhouses. (If you own a house you can't get a townhouse, you must get a townhouse first, then get a house.)
    3. Forum Registration: Please try to register with at least the same account name on the shard, or your main character's name.



    1. Abusive behaviors are defined as; stalking players and repeatedly killing them, res-killing, verbal harassment, sexual or otherwise, bullying, camping spawn locations "just for you", and cheating players during mutual trade.

    2. Fair market value is defined as a 5% swing high or low on common market items. For items that are rare, feel free to ask a staff member to give you a ballpark for fair market value, then make your decision based on what they tell you.

    3. Unattended macroing is defined as a player being logged in and automating a behavior they need not be present to execute for profit or for harvesting resources. If you setup a macro, or use an external program, like EasyUO, to script lumberjacking, you will be notified right away.

Lets remember everyone wants to have fun and enjoy the game and that every player has different tastes. As long as those tastes fall within the rules outlined above, everyone can enjoy the game they love so much, and that's what's important.