Evolution Weapons-

During a recent excavation in Ice Dungeon, several diggers discovered these strange weapons that seemed to pulse with energy. Upon their return to Luna, several leaders of the Order Of Mages were called in to determine the properties of these weapons. It was discovered that each weapon had the ability to learn from every encounter it faced and that that knowledge allowed it to evolve into a more powerful weapon. Some of the vendors in Luna heard about this discovery and smuggled the weapons from the Luna Library Vault and are now selling them, keep your eyes open, if the weapons are being sold, there are sure to be limited quantities!

Every Evo weapon gains experience from attacking and killing. You can keep track of how many experience points and the new attributes your weapon has by hovering your mouse over it in your paperdoll. The number in () next to the name is how many experience points the weapon has. The Evo weapons can be purchased from the Reward House in Zento, Tokuno.

Fully evolved Viking Sword of Evolution