Wax Crafting-

This crafting system allows you to create wax busts of players with their name on them! But that is not all! You can make your own candles and wicks as well as other decorative wax-related items. In order to properly wax craft, you'll need to pay a visit to the Beekeeper and purchase a new Wax Crafting Beehive and the various wax crafting tools. The hive requires maintenance, similar to potted plants and it needs to be put near a source of water and flowers. A good suggestion would be to place it near your garden and put a water trough nearby, along with potions. After at least 3 days, your hive will begin to populate (if the prior conditions have been met). Once you have a colony of bees you may begin harvesting raw beeswax. You will have to melt the wax down in order to use it for Wax Crafting.

Wax Crafting Beehive
Candle Wicks
Wax Processing Pot
Wax Crafting Pot
Hive Tool

Minimum 80 Alchemy Skill

NOTE: The beehives associated with Wax Crafting also produce honey which can be used for cooking.

Wax Crafting menu.
(Thumbnail caption: Wax Crafting menu.)