Jonesy Ford and the Palace of Gloom-

Trouble seems to follow poor Jonesy wherever he goes. This time Jonesy has to solve the mystery of the Palace of Gloom!

This quest begins with Jonesy going to see Shoa Che in Zento's Sake Tavern. Shoa has requested that Jonesy retrieve the remains of Nurhaci for him. Your first task is to locate and enter the Golden Idol Temple. Once inside, dodge traps, that would kill a normal man, but not Jonesy, and make your way to the Golden Idol Room. Gather up the Idol and leave, as if it's that simple though. If you manage to make it outside, make an immediate run southeast to the steam seaplane that awaits to take you back to Zento.

Back in Zento, Jonesy learns that Shoa has double-crossed him and he flees to Nujel'm where he meets the Village Elder who tells him about the terrible curse that has befallen his village. The Sacred Sankara stones have been taken, along with all the children. The Elder tells Jonesy he must find a way into the Palace. Standing in the way Millie Scots and she demands "real" food before she will tell you where Jonesy disappeared at.

After fulfilling Millie's desires and enter deep into the palace, Jonesy is attacked by the Muggee guards. Asked to gather trinkets from the villagers to return to the village mother's, Jonesy then finds himself back into a tight spot with a rather large Muggee guard. Luckily, there are grinders you see where this is going?

After dispatching the large Muggee guard, Jonesy runs in to Molar Ham and after a brief entanglement, Molar Ham flees the scene. Jonesy then attempts to make his way out of the palace, but he still has not recovered the Sacred Sankara stones, where could they be!?

Golden Temple
(Thumbnail caption: The last resting place of the remains of Nurhaci.)

(Thumbnail caption: Run for the plane!)

Palace of Gloom
(Thumbnail caption: Inside the Palace of Gloom.)

deep inside the Palace of Gloom
(Thumbnail caption: deep inside the Palace of Gloom.)