Professor Abraham Van Melling-

First The Expanse was plagued by a small band of werewolves. After easily defeating their tiny hordes outside of Lord British's Castle, a roving group of vampires snuck into the Vesper Cemetary and made themselves at home. Weak from fighting off the werewolves, several townsfolk from Vesper fell into shadow and were taken by the vampires. As their strength grew with more citizens, word reached Lord British that Professor Abraham Van Melling had heard of this wicked plight and brought his assistant with him to help players combat the vampires.

Slightly distracted by the large force of vampires, two new leaders grew out of each faction: Dorval and Gramen. These two creatures were the most powerful of their kind and it would take the combined power of Van Melling's knowledge and tools and several strong-willed friends, if there is any hope to defeat them!

Players may approach Van Melling outside main courtyard of Lord Blackthorne's Castle, and accept either quest he has to offer to gather ingredients to gain access to the vampire or werewolf boss lairs. Once players have the key, they may join others with a small group and try to defeat each boss.
Unfortunately, Van Melling will refuse to do business with a vampire or a werewolf, that includes players that are under either of the curses. However, after receiving the key to a boss lair, that no longer matters. Vampires that defeat the Werewolf boss will receive points for the Vampire Faction. Likewise, players that are Werewolves will receive points for the Werewolf Faction for defeeating the Vampire boss. Caution, a werewolf or vampire killing their kind is not taken lightly!


Van Melling also sells cure potions for vampires and werewovles. Players contracting either disease may drink a Bottle of Holy Water, or a Lycanthrope Cure and return to their human self.

Professor Abraham Van Melling
(Thumbnail caption: The infamous Professor Van Melling has come to lend a hand.)