UO-The Expanse: the (edu) Repack-

UO-The Expanse: the (edu) Repack
(Thumbnail caption: UO-The Expanse: the (edu) Repack. Coming in 2022...)

Since going offline in 2017, work continued on the 'shard, in spite of forward progress being a lot slower than before. However, without an audience to deliver content to, more time was spent on eliminating hiccups and giving the 'shard a better look, instead of creating custom content. This will be the most comprehensive and educational, free shard repack ever released. The UO-The Expanse custom client with the Foresty Spaced desktop installed, and some special tools for UO*, will all be available to download as a whole package from UO-The Expanse's Mediafire account, but the free shard software will be available through Github.

There are over 4,600 custom scripts installed, plus hundreds more script edits to give the 'shard a traditional "UO-look", but significantly expanded. See the images and short video below that detail more on the Forestry Spaced desktop. Itemized documentation will be available inside the download, but another page of information will also be linked to this page soon. However the website does contain a mountain of knowledge about the 'shard and all of that content is also in the repack. You can also view several videos via the YouTube channel, as well: http://www.youtube.com/user/UOTheExpanse (Note: Some content has changed since the videos were published, but has not been removed.)

*Many tools are custom-wrtten to work with just UO files.

Launch screen for the custom client.
(Thumbnail caption: Launch screen for the custom client.)


What is a Repack?


A repack, in this case, is a customized UO free shard that has been archived (stored in a ZIP or RAR file) for easy distribution, so others may run a "local" version of the repack contents. That is what the UO-The Expanse the (edu) Repack is; UO-The Expanse free shard added to a ZIP file for anyone to download and run their own "local" version of the 'shard. By "local" we are talking about running the 'shard from a home-based computer and not a publicly hosted web-server.


How much does it cost?


The repack is free and comes with the custom client, plus the free shard software, which also includes a copy of the custom client. (It is recommended to use a duplicate installation of a local client to use for the free shard.)

One of the features of this repack is teaching. There is a lot of documentation that covers a variety of topics from working with UO graphics, to establishing and maintaining a 'shard economy, to creating storyarcs and custom content. In-game tutorials for XmlSpawner* will also be available in Green Acres, which is generally treated as a "Staff Member only" location. Overall, not much hardware is needed to run a 'shard, and any graphics program capable of Opening, Editing, and Saving BMPs, and TIFFs, can be used to work with UO graphics, but one that can handle layers is more helpful. Animations are still frames combined into one animated image, but a 3D modeling program could be used to create the VD file and all the documentation is in PDF format.

*The Xmlspawner Training System, or XTS, is a unique creation, but built to be installed on any other free shard that is running Xmlspawner, with or without all the XmlAddons installed. The files create Gumps that display information, as well as sample code for learning Xmlspawner on-the-fly. The XmlQuestNPCs cover different levels of the training so any one player can repeat any level at any time.

Custom redesigned client interface for UO-The Expanse.
(Thumbnail caption: Screenshot from Green Acres in the Xmlspawner Training Area.)

Custom redesigned client interface for UO-The Expanse.
(Thumbnail caption: Custom redesigned client interface for UO-The Expanse.)

Introducing the Forestry Spaced desktop as part of UU-The Expanse custom client.
(Thumbnail caption: Introducing the Forestry Spaced desktop.)

Samples of the equipment art changes. Some are only minor.
(Thumbnail caption: Samples of the equipment art changes. Some are only minor.)

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