A Gargantuan Gathering of Gorgeous Pets-

Because we have an advanced taming and pet leveling/breeding system on The Expanse, we also have a numerous amount of pets to choose from. This is just a taste of but a few of the pets we have to offer.

Our advanced taming/leveling/breeding system allows any player to tame any pet (with the proper amount of taming), level it up to it's max level through combat, assigning ability points for raising various stats along the way, and eventually breeding it with another player's pet of the same breed. The generation bonuses apply to the babies only, of which both players will get a baby when they breed. After reaching level 35, pets begin moving in to the Elemental Pet Leveling system. This allows for a potential of 40% additional damage added to a pet's total damage in various elemental areas.

In addition to the taming/leveling/breeding system, we also offer a Bio Pet system. The Bio Pet system lets players gather DNA from almost any monster they want and combine it with DNA from up to 3 other monsters to create an even better monster. Bio Pets do not level like regular pets, but they can start off with better stats than even a second generation pet might have. Players must obtain a Bio Engineer Book from doing Taming BODs, or through rare monster loot. Simply read the Bio Engineer Book to "learn" the skill of Bio Engineering pets. Get a Bio Tool from the Animal Trainer and create the Empty DNA vial set and Empty DNA vials. It takes 4 vials to fill a vial set. Use 1 vial to collect DNA from a monster, mind you, it won't always be easy. Some times you will break quite a few vials, or the monster could turn on you, or you could simply kill it. You will also need to gather Organic Material. This can be found inside Exodus dungeon in Ilshenar as monster loot.

In case all that is not enough to do with pets, UO-The Expanse also has House pets and Vanity Pets. House pets, as the name suggests, stay in your house, but you can interact with them similiarly to pet parrots. Vanity pets on the other hand, are outside pets, but they can enter your house with you. They do not take up any Follower Slots, but only one Vanity Pet per character, may be out at any given time

(Thumbnail caption: A gaggle of pets.)

Custom Lore Window
(Thumbnail caption: We have a custom animal lore window.)

Bio Pet
(Thumbnail caption: Collecting a paragon Balron's DNA.)

House Pets
(House pets: a House dog named Rex.)

Vanity Pets
(Vanity pets: a vanity pet named Polly.)