Medical Malpractice-

Originally the system was called "Medical Crafting", but with the amount of painkillers a "doctor" can prescribe themself...malpractice is the only thing that makes sense. So, this craft will help level a player's healing up to Legendary (if they have a 120 Healing powerscroll) and provide healing benefits along the way. Here are some of the things included with Medical Malpractice system.

Scribe's Pen
Various Potions
Various Mage Regs

Minimum 0 Healing Skill (You can level your Healing by crafting Medical Books as well.)

About Pain Killers:

Pain Killers Increase health almost instantly with high dosage for treatment. However, pain killers are harder to make then normal bandages, but return a faster result.

About New Books:

The new books start out easy to make. Once you reach a high level. You must wait to craft your final medical book called Medical Treatments Book. This book will allow you to write prescriptions to give or sell to other players.

About Prescriptions:

Once you reach a high level of healing skill. You can write a prescription for yourself or other players. As in our modern day medical field in the United States, going to the doctor is not cheap. So, your bill for the players should take that into consideration as well.

Medical Malpractice menu
(Thumbnail caption: Medical Malpractice menu.)