Jonesy Ford and the Thieves of the Ark-

Trouble seems to follow poor Jonesy wherever he goes. This time Jonesy has to recover the sacred Ark of the Covenant!

We've seen the movie, don't deny you haven't! You know the excitement and thrills you saw on the screen! Well, The Expanse has brought those to you. This quest begins with Jonesy is the recently uncovered lost city underground city of Gomzul, which was buried underneath Luna thousands of years ago. Home of an ancient race of magic wielding gargoyles, Jonesy has made this his new base of operations for the time being. Go to Gomzul and speak with Jonesy, he will tell you that Maryann has a medallion he needs to help find the lost Ark. Maryann has had some trouble of her own, as bandits arrived at her bar and stole the medallion. Track down the bandits and discover who was really behind the theft! Return the medallion to Jonesy and face your fears as you enter into the final resting place of the lost Ark of the Covenant.

(Thumbnail caption: During the quest, you must find these ships and get on board.)

(Thumbnail caption: Snakes!? Why did it have to be snakes!?)