The Lair of the Six-

Awhile back OSI servers introduced players to The Six: Kealdia, Krysan, Myxkion, Rivatach, Vaector and Valvakka. The idea was they would show up in cities that were under siege. We've taken matters into our own hands and built an entire dungeon for The Six. While The Six have the same abilities on The Expanse as they do on OSI servers, they also call for help during combat, so be warned.

The entrance to the lair can be found on the second level of Destard in Trammel. There is a short connecting cave which leads to the lair. Once inside you will have to navigate your way through the twists and turns, fighting dragons in their various stages of development. The Six are spread throughout the dungeon so be on your guard. There is one final staircase to climb to reach the final boss, Valakka and he likes to call for help quite often.

Lair of The Six entrance
(Thumbnail caption: Lair of The Six entrance inside Destard in Trammel.)

Entering the lair of The Six
(Thumbnail caption: Entering the lair of The Six.)

The final battle
(Thumbnail caption: The final battle arena.)