Star Wars on The Expanse-

The Expanse is happy to welcome one of the greatest institutions of all time, Star Wars™. In our own unique way we bring you a wonderful take on a galaxy far, far away. Players have the choice as starting off as a Jedi or a Sith and beginning at either the Jedi or Sith academy buildings. When you accept the quest to become an apprentice (Sith) or a padawan (Jedi), you will be giving up certain skill caps. Animal Taming, Magery, Necromancy, Spellweaving, Chivalry and Mysticism cannot go above 50 if you engage in the use of the Star Wars™ system. This is because the system has been balanced with Force Powers and powerful lightsabers with special attributes.

(Video caption: Sith Apprentice training to become a Sith Master.)

The Star Wars™ system is based on Karma and the ranges are as follows: Jedi 15,000 to 5,000, Sith -15,000 to -5,000. If your karma should fall between the gap, you are a Jedi Exile (your karma is between -4,999 and 4,999). if this happens, you can remain a Jedi Exile and visit the Exile camp in the city of Umbra in Malas to obtain your Exile robe and cloak, but you can also request to have your karma reset to a Jedi (5,000) or a Sith (-5,000). Jedi Exiles must utilize the Dark side Force Powers just like a Sith.

There are 45 brand new lightsabers, yes they do provide a light circle when equipped, along with Crystal Harvesting and Lightsaber Crafting, so players can harvest their own special focusing crystals and craft their own lightsabers.

In addition to the crystal harvesting and lightsaber crafting, both Jedi and Sith have their own training facilities to teach new recruits about their new Force Powers. There are 17 new Force Powers that are earned during your training. Each time you complete a task, you will learn a new one. Force Powers are based on Meditation and Focus as well.

Sith Academy
(Thumbnail caption: Sith Academy.)

Jedi Academy
(Thumbnail caption: Jedi Academy.)