Halloween Horror Dungeon-

Halloween Horror offers players the chance to gather materials for Necromancy Crafting. The entrance to the dungeon can be found inside the Brit Sewers in Trammel. Once inside locate the quest giver who will offer quests to kill two mini-bosses and the two main bosses. Always encouraged to bring favorite pop-culture to The Expanse, Halloween Horror didn't fall short. The two mini-bosses are The Horseman and The Candyman. Each must be summoned with a specific item and by saying the proper chant while standing at the summoning pillar. The two mini-bosses drop temporary weapons which do double damage to the two main bosses; Freddy Krueger and Vigo the Carpathian. Returning the completed quest to the quest giver offers various items from the four bosses, reward scrolls and gold as rewards.

Halloween Horror entrance
(Thumbnail caption: Halloween Horror dungeon entrance.)

Library Catacombs
(Thumbnail caption: Inside the Halloween Horror dungeon.)