Some time ago mysterious cloaked figures appeared from far away lands. At first they were welcomed into societies all over the world, but soon, their true intentions were known. They brought forth a powerful way to enchance weapons and armor, and they called it Spellcrafting. This unbridled new force began to take hold around the world, but only the Spellcrafters were able to gather the required materials to perform their craft. The Order of Mages came to a secret council in Britain to discuss this new ability. The mages soon discovered how the craft worked and were shocked at the true nature in this dark art.

Spellcrafting jewels are needed to learn each new enhancement and can be dropped into the Spellcrafting book once acquired. Magic gems are used during the enhancement process. As innocent as the craft sounds, the Mages learned that the spellcrafting jewels themselves were the souls of former armorsmiths and weaponsmiths and the gems were the spirits from the very world around us. Trapped forever inside the artifacts, never to be released, the smithys were forced to continue forging weapons and armor of terrible power.

In an effort to push the cloaked figures into seclusion, the Order of Mages let it be known to the public that those seeking to learn the art of Spellcrafting could obtain everything needed from the mysterious figures themselves. Soon, the shrouded wraiths began leaving the towns and cities, hoping to find abandoned buildings and ruins so they might continue their devious art far away from watchful eyes.

In order to control the power behind spellcrafting, players must have a fair amount of skill in magery and inscription.

Spellcrafting Book

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Spellcrafting Benefits
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