Explosions, death, blowing things up! It's like the best parts of Fourth of July whenever you want to have them! Bomberman pits 2 or more players (up to 8 can play at once) is a battle to the death. The object of the game is to blow up your opponent(s). In order to do that, you have to blow up obstacles in your way to get to your opponent(s), without blowing yourself up in the process. If you should happen to blow yourself up, you are disqualified from the match and if just 2 players are playing, your opponents wins by default.

There are some upgrades you can uncover while blowing up obstacles.

  1. Badda Boom Upgrade-This creates a much larger blast area, usually meaning part of an entire row. Use with caution so you don't blow yourself up.
  2. Blast Strength Upgrade-This will cover a larger area that has already been uncovered. This is helpful if your opponent(s) is trying to sneak in and blow you up.
  3. Bomb Count Upgrade-This allows you to drop 2 bombs on the playing field at the same time. Don't get yourself boxed in and blown up trying to drop two bombs, especially if you have the Badda Boom or the Blast Strength upgrades.
  4. Detonator Upgrade-This allows the player to control when the bomb goes off. If you have the Bomb Count upgrade, it will blow up both bombs when you hit the detonator.
  5. Speed Upgrade-This allows you to move faster. Sometimes you're moving so fast, you can't get out of tight spaces fast enough, and you get blown up.

Starting a Bomberman game costs 100 gold per participant and the person initiating the game has control over the type of playing field, there are several to choose from: Rocky, Woodland, Warehouse, Ruins, Graveyard, and Crystal. The playing field is re-created with every match, so no two playing fields are the same. The player that starts the new game can also set the playing field size, it is recommended not to go beyond 30 x 30 as this will lag all players and slow the game down significantly. Players can find the Bomberman Playing Field just a tad south of the Battle Chess Board leaving the southern gate of Luna and following the road.