Brewing and Juice Making-

There's nothing better than kicking back with some friends after a hard hour of killing and pouring some cold ones down your throat. Except the only thing better is when it's your own brand!

See the Brewer and Juicemaker at a local inn at Brit, Luna, or New Haven to purchase all the new goods.

For Brewing there are 3 alcoholic beverages and 3 non-alcoholic beverages.
For Juice Making there are 47 different juices that can be made.

Brewer's Tools
Brewer's Label Maker (used to label bottles or kegs)
Juicer's Tools
Farm Label Maker (used to label bottles, kegs or your farm)
Various Ingredients (Most of which you can get from Farming/Gardening)

Minimum 80 Cooking Skill

Brewing Menu
(Thumbnail caption: The Brewing menu.)

Juicing Menu
(Thumbnail caption: The Juicing menu.)