Donation System-

New Haven is every new characters starting location, as such many things will be available only in New Haven. The Donation System can only be accessed by using the Donation Chest next to the provisioner near the center of New Haven. **(Look for the large green chest.)** There is a wide selection of gear to help any player get started. You might even be lucky enough to find some vet made gear in the piles!

If you wish to donate items you may do so from anywhere in the world. Simply type [donate and target the item you wish to donate. Players accessing the donation chest will find it organized into groups of items, including weapons and jewelry, depending on what is available. All players are encouraged to donate items, instead of just throwing them away. Items that should not be donated include: tamed pets, artifacts, deco items, quest items, reward scrolls, gold, or anything that doesn't already have a container inside the chest. If in doubt, ask.

Donation Chest