The Lost Ancient City of Gomzul-

During an excavation on the South wall of Luna several months ago, Jonesy Ford uncovered an entrance. After exploring the caves beneath Luna, he discovered an entire city buried underneath Luna! A few gargoyles remain in the city, but most of it's inhabitants have long since died. This ancient race of gargoyles were strong arcane magic users and were said to be the first defenders of the realm many eons ago.

Jonesy setup a campsite along the far southern wall while he uncovers more artifacts and discovers the history behind the lost, ancient city of Gomzul.

Gomzul overview
(Thumbnail caption: Gomzul overview.)

Jonesy's Pet Snake
(Thumbnail caption: Jonesy's Pet Snake "Lucas".)

Ravid the Meat Carver (a quest giver)
(Thumbnail caption: Ravid the Meat Carver (a quest giver).)