Vampires and Werewolves...superpowers of the supernatural!

First the vampires appearedVan Helsing, bringing the vicious and bloodthirsty Midnight Coven with them. Vampirism spread across The Expanse! Professor Abraham van Helsing arrives to help hunt down and destroy the infection and the source. Players bitten by a vampire could contract the disease and become a servant to the night. Players infected by the disease were able to morph in to: Fog, Raven and a Bat. Armed with Blood Spells stretching back to ancient times, vampirism offers an intriguing and powerful perspective!.

Just Wolf and Sword after the vampire invasion was brought under control; a new, deadlier and more devastating enemy rose up from people's very nightmares...werewolves. Once again Professor van Helsing came to our aid as the very beasts were on our doorstep. Along with the feral, savage monsters that were unable to control their wolf form, wiser, more ancient werewolves followed offering their knowledge and crafting abilities to combat their vicious cousins. Players attacked by a werewolf could contract the disease and learn to get in touch with their canine-side. Players infected by the disease were able to morph in to: both a four-legged werewolf and the more muscular two-legged form. Packing powerful, ancient Lycan abilities, lycanthropy is a great way to balance your inner dog!

Past Events

Dun da da dun daaaa...Jonesy Ford is here!

Just like the George Lucas counterpart of a similar nameJonesy Ford, Jonesy Ford has made an appearance on The Expanse! After discovering an ancient underground city, deep beneath Luna, Jonesy set out to find and recover the lost Ark of the Covenant. With his trusty assistant Sallah, his lucky fedora hat, and special bullwhip blessed by an Indian tribe to never break, Jonesy sets off on whirlwind adventures! Join Jonesy as he follows clues from some familiar faces that lead him to recovering the lost Ark of the Covenant!

Then face untold horrors as Jonesy steps foot into The Temple of Doom to square off against the dreaded Thuggee Cult and it's fearless leader, Mola Ram!

Finally, Jonesy and his father team up to locate the sacred Holy Grail! Check out some of the screenshots from Jonesy's encounters by hovering over Custom Content in the menu and going to Indiana Jones™.

Magincia Invasion:Dark times are upon us...

Set a task by the most noble Lord RaistMagincia Invasion, his officers were mobilised to bring balance to the war-torn island of Magincia. Each day they strove, hard and long it was. And yet, the lifeless land refused to yield. So infused it was with demonic magic, that nary a seedling would grow.

In desperation, Rose drew upon her vast knowledge of forbidden magjicks. Hurrying the others to garner their support, she delved into the darkest of arts. Yet, it provided the answer they sought. And one by one, they became seduced by it - the allure was too powerful to ignore, a dangerous path to which they became trapped. Forever wraith-like servants in the darkest of arts and through them, Summonersthe Necromantic Cheese Rippers were born once again.

Corrupted by the lingering miasma left by the Magincia's previous demonic invason, they have since unleashed hell upon Earth once again. Ushering forth the most odorous and malignant of the Demon realm - that of the Cheese Molochs.Sumona Jack

Even now, they attempt to bring forth their Overlord Colby Jack into our plane. Seeking to forever tear asunder the very substance of the universe itself. So that an odorous wound into the foul and forboding realm will forever remain open and spill unto the world untold evils. Where no mere lit match can ever hope to abate it's foul taint...

You must hurry to stop them, before it is too late!!!

Tokuno Paragons....?

The islands of Tokuno have fallen prey to several magical spells gone wrong. In an effort to discover the secrets hidden deep with in Mount Sho, a group of powerful mages left Brit Castle and headed to the islands. The expedition was led by world reknowned archeologist Jonesy Ford. Ford returned to Brit alone a month after the expedition left. He told a tale of how the mages were channeling a powerful spell when they suddenly vanished and a shimmering portal appeared in there place. Ford described the portal and what he saw inside as looking more like a gateway and the land he saw on the other side looked very similar toTokuno Paragons Ilshenar. Ford confessed he was more than a little shaken up by what he saw, but somehow managed to fight his way back to the ship as he was attacked by creatures he was used to seeing, but yet they somehow were more powerful and cunning than before. When he made it back to the ship, he found the entire crew dead. He promptly set sail to return to Brit on his own to report these dire events.

Caution should be taken Adventurers as paragons have begun appearing all over the Tokuno Islands! We can only hope that this drastic situation doesn't spread to the mainlands before a solution can be found.

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